SAND creates unique and compelling branded experiences for clients in the green technology, transportation, and sustainability space so they can build an enduring relationship with a thoughtful audience that wants a better world and a hopeful future.

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SAND serves organizations dedicated to sustainability.

  • 01. Non-profits

    Non-profits that work to sustain the environment and community.

  • 02. Transportation

    BRT, train lines, homeland security, e-mobility and more.

  • 03. Energy/Green Tech

    Home sensors, solar power and storage installations, wind power advocacy.

  • 04. Space

    Strategic and creative work to support our sustainability as a species.

Our ideal clients provide us with:

Access to decision-makers • An established budget. • A chance to contribute to their organizations' success (and share in it as well). • A marketing framework — positioning, target audience segments, message, mission, a reason for existing — or an opportunity for us to help create one for them. • A desire to follow a proven process — creative briefs, research when needed, market intelligence, approvals. • Chemistry, kindness and courtesy. • Respect for our need to profit.

SAND offers these services.

  • 01. Conceptual creative

    For those in search of an elusive big idea (not a 0.06% CTR). Design, copy, web development, video, social, events.

  • 02. Brand Strategy

    Discovery, positioning, expression and messaging to multiple audience segments.

  • 03. Naming

    A proven process for developing unique, memorable, relevant, and ownable product and company names.

  • 04. Education

    Workshops and media to help business people participate in the creative process.

SAND clients include:

Nantucket Community Music Center, HSB/Munich Re, The Connecticut Forum, The Undefeated/ESPN, Nantucket Lighthouse School, National Space Society, Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, Nantucket License Plate Project, Sandpiper Place, White Heron Theatre Company, Wheels of Delight, Allies Air, ACKSmart Solar, Above: Space Development, Nantucket Shellfish Association, Nantucket Bay Scallops, Field Elevate, EEV, barrie.prints (my favorite client).

Our creative philosophy is to do work that is different. Unexpected. Engaging. If this makes you a little nervous, that's not a bad thing. If you would like to see more, reach out and tell us a bit about yourself. We will put together a quick, custom portfolio of relevant case histories. >>Contact us.

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